Exciting news: my poem featured in “Off the Coast” + other updates

I have updates! First, a shameless plug/preview of the poetry manuscript: my poem Possible Suicide is featured in the current issue of Off the Coast. The contributors to this journal are consistently talented, like gee-I-wish-I-wrote-that talented, and I’m stoked to be a part of this publication.

Second, one of my friends is a really skilled portrait photographer and took pictures of me for two hours last weekend to practice. He just sent a few shots over, and they look so much better than normal weird-face Jenny that they will probably be used in all of my self-promotional stuff forever (or until I look too old to still use them).

Third, in about a week, I will be in Stockholm, Sweden and (briefly) Riga, Latvia. It’s partly a yay-you’re-done-with-law-school trip with one of my friends and partly my annual international summer trip. I will probably not be reachable, but I will take a bazillion photos and (try to remember to) post a few here with my post-trip update.


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