Update: publications and writing residencies

A bit late, but I am pleased to report that my poem "Writing Elegies Like Robert Hass" appears in the current issue of the Intima, a lovely journal of narrative medicine, which is sort of a running theme of this first manuscript. I've buckled down and started submitting a lot more, so hopefully I will have … Continue reading Update: publications and writing residencies

Thank you Chicano Batman

Last night, I went to a vegan Filipino pop-up dinner by Chef Coco with the grad school friend I visited last year in the Philippines. So delicious! (Note: I am not vegan or even vegetarian.) Incidentally, it's about one year after my/our trip! (click on for photos and the real point of this post)  After dinner, I … Continue reading Thank you Chicano Batman

Between Riverside and Crazy: a world-class performance at ACT SF

I don't often feel compelled to write about the plays I see (yes, I've become one of them bougie cultured folk in my old age), but holy smokes, that was amazing and hilarious and unexpected. Between Riverside and Crazy tells the story of a wounded former NYPD cop, Walter Washington, fighting to keep his rent … Continue reading Between Riverside and Crazy: a world-class performance at ACT SF