Update: Rattle acceptance!

Writer friends, all the mice in the (lab) world can’t dampen my excitement today!

I awoke to an email from Tim Green, the Editor of the poetry journal Rattle, telling me that my poem “Dissonance” had been accepted for publication in their “Feminist Poets” issue! I had to check my email multiple times throughout the day before responding to confirm that it actually happened. (Publishing is like dating. I feel like I should play it cool, but I’m not a cool person.)

Rattle is one of my favorite literary journals, and I read it religiously. They (almost) exclusively publish poetry, publish poems both online and in print, have a gorgeous physical publication, respond to submissions quickly, and pay their writers generously. And just about every poem I read makes me wish I’d written it. It is like the Nature of poetry journals. I can’t say enough good things. Go subscribe to their newsletter already! Also, I really have to thank the lovely poet Francesca Bell for introducing me to it during a 2012 writing conference/workshop. Her lack of books is an abomination because she is brilliant.

More later. I just had to share the good news!

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