Highlights of the week: Poetry, race relations, and cat altars

I think my life satisfaction this week was the highest it’s been in over a year. Very pleased to see that grad school hasn’t totally beaten away my capacity for positive emotions.


  • Mon: Quiet Lightning reading. Met and read with some really talented writers and had a blast! Talked to people about race relations, yellowface, and cancer therapy. Looking forward to participating more in the SF literary scene this year.

  • Tues: Did my civic duty and rewarded myself with sushi at Ebisu. Sat at the bar and learned a lot about Japanese-Mexican sushi chef Julio and his father, who was working next to him. Lots of friendly staff and bonding over travels to Tokyo and the Yucatan Peninsula. Such a delightful bit of human interaction.
  • Wed: Ah, Wilderness! at American Conservatory Theater (just a week after seeing Monstress, based on Lysley Tenorio’s short story collection, which I read last year–I could not stop thinking about the I-Hotel story–it was so good).
  • Also found out that I get to be a bridesmaid in a good friend’s wedding! I’ve been excited about this wedding basically since they started dating.
  • Fri: Had some fancy wine and cheese with the lab after lab meeting, and actually felt motivated to get shit done now that I’m so close to finishing.
  • Went to the SF Urban Film Festival at USF with Boyfriend (who will henceforth be referred to as Gato because I said so) and saw Bladerunner for the first time. I actually enjoyed that a lot, in spite of the constant sense of dread from the dystopian color scheme. The ending, in particular, pleasantly surprised me with the three-dimensional characterization of the replicants.
  • Had a super late but deliciously decadent dinner at Brenda’s Meat and Three. Still salivating over that pear crumble.
  • Sat: Dia de los Muertos closing event at SOMArts Cultural Center. Some amazing art (including a cat altar), powerful political statements, a kickass Latino indie/pop/alternative band called Bang Data, and glow-in-the dark coloring! So much fun. That was followed by delicious cocktails at Azucar Lounge.

Now, eating a fresh pear, doing some work, and luxuriating in what a pleasant emoji-inspiring week I just had.

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