25 before 26

  1. Attend another writer’s conference/workshop
  2. Submit all of the poems in my manuscript at least once
  3. Develop a book proposal
  4. Visit a new domestic city and/or national park (New Orleans; Lassen Volcanic National Park)
  5. Eat a beignet and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde (and probably wait an hour for it) and at Cafe Beignet–compare and contrast
    5.5. Get a Po’boy (or two or five) in New Orleans
  6. Check out the Frenchmen Art Market
  7. Visit a new (to me) continent
  8. Live in a foreign country
  9. Tour Alcatraz (8/21)
  10. Submit my science manuscript
  11. Attend a Moth Storyslam
  12. Go on a hike/daytrip outside of the city (options: cave paintings, waterfalls, Mt. Tam, Lassen, Point Reyes)
  13. Learn how to forage for mushrooms
  14. Go to an Irish pub with live music
  15. Try a new Chinese restaurant with my boyfriend to prove that I don’t hate Chinese food
  16. Eat a delicious Senegalese meal and dance at Bissap Baobab
  17. Have a meal at Tadich Grill before I leave San Francisco
    17.5. See if La Taqueria is actually worth the hype
  18. Visit a faraway friend
  19. Go to Harry Potter World
  20. Omakase
  21. Snack on delicious things and eat Taiwanese ice at a night market in Taiwan
  22. Have a pot of tea and play with cats at KitTea
  23. Camp in a national park (Lassen Volcanic National Park)
  24. Do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in New Zealand
  25. Call out a stranger in public for a misogynistic and/or racist act

About this challenge: In high school, I stumbled upon Sarah Von’s blog Yes and Yes. She seemed genuinely interested in being a part of the world, and I’ve always aspired to be like her in that way. Every year on her birthday, she makes a list of new things to try, and in the beginning, the number of items was dictated by her age that year. I’ve followed in her footsteps, and I’ll keep up with this system until I no longer want to share my age.

I started doing this when I turned 21, a milestone for me in many ways. It was a little over a year after my mom had died, and I’d finally sort of started to feel human again. After years of uncertainty and fear and paralyzing grief, there was no longer any big life thing I was legally/symbolically barred from doing. I had no more excuses and nothing left to be afraid of, so I decided that was the year I was allowed to start living again. In truth, it was mostly a list of concrete reasons to keep going in the midst of my still-mostly-paralyzing grief. But it was also a push to do the things I’d always wanted but was too afraid to try.

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