Selected Personal Essays

A Heart Filled With Love, Not Stuff,” The New York Times, February 5, 2016.

My Mother Deserved to Die Comfortably,” The Atlantic, November 6, 2013.

The Moment I Knew.” Huffington Post, June 13, 2013.


Selected Articles 

Medical Humanities

Feb 27, 2014: “Shedding Light on Grief and Healing
Jan 23, 2014: “Let’s Eat Cake and Talk About Death: the Death Cafe Movement
Oct 24, 2013: “Science and Literature Collide at Litquake 2013
Sep 26, 2013: “Poetry at Parnassus: an Interview with Dr. David Watts


Jan 20 2015: “#WhiteCoats4BlackLives Town Hall Exposes Sense of Alienation Among UCSF Students
Oct 24, 2013: “UC SHIP in the Age of ObamaCare
May 23, 2013: ”Higher UC SHIP Premiums = More Benefits
Apr 25, 2013: ”State Legislation Aims to Protect Students Using UC SHIP
Apr 04, 2013: ”UC SHIP Forum: Speak Up Before April 8 Advisory Board Meeting
Mar 28, 2013: “UC SHIP Premiums to Rise Next Year
Mar 14, 2013: ”Is UC SHIP Sinking?”
Feb 28, 2013: “LGBTQI Health Forum: Transcending Heteronormativity in Health Care

Science & Scientists

Published on BMS Cartoons and Synapse

Also published on BMS Cartoons 

Jan 28 2015: “After 60 Years, UCSF Student Newspaper Finds Science Writing as Vital as Ever
Oct 22 2014: “UC President Janet Napolitano ‘spreads the gospel of basic research’ and alternative careers for trainees
May 15, 2014: “UCSF Outreach Programs Promote Diversity in Science
May 15, 2014: “Dr. Susan Kools Wins 2014 Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
Sep 26, 2013: “Life of a Grad Student“ column launch + interviews
Mar 28, 2013: “F1000Research Joins Open Access Revolution

Arts & Culture Reviews

Nov 20, 2013: Music: Vienna Teng Continues to ‘Level Up’
Oct 31, 2013: Theater: “Underneath the Lintel”is the Answer to Your Existential Crisis
Oct 17, 2013: Theater: “‘Beautiful,’ the Musical, Honors Carole King


Sep 25 2014: “Letter from the Editor: Grad School, Like a Hike in the Woods
Apr 24, 2014: Tabula 2014 Intro
Dec 14, 2013: The Food Issue Intro


Scientific papers

Taylor, Robert W., Jenny Y. Qi, Anna K. Talaga, Taylur P. Ma, Luyuan Pan, Clinton R. Bartholomew, Daniel J. Klionsky, Cecilia B. Moens, and Joshua T. Gamse. “Asymmetric Inhibition of Ulk2 Causes Left–Right Differences in Habenular Neuropil Formation.” The Journal of Neuroscience 31, no. 27 (2011): 9869-9878.


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