Hello, Brother” in Talking Writing

When This Is All Over” in Midst

in Tin House


Sun Setting on San Francisco” and “Habits” in JuxtaProse Literary Magazine

Distribution” in Bellevue Literary Review (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

“Commonalities” in Figure 1

…an eclectic writer of great talent and broad subject matter who serves up poetry with a lyrical and narrative focus that, much like an obsidian knife, presents a dark edge about a thousand times sharper than a scalpel.

Michael Meyerhofer, Poetry Editor of Atticus Review

The Way Love Expires” (Best of the Net Nominee)
How men deal” [Watch]
Transplant” [Watch]
Magnificent Things
in Atticus Review


  • “Little Fires”
  • “The Next Great American Love Story”

Jenny Qi skillfully differentiates what can and cannot be eulogized…

Ting Gou, MD in the Intima on
Writing Elegies Like Robert Hass
nominated for the Pushcart Prize

Angles” in Spry

[Watch] “I Am Yi-Fen Chou”
[Watch] “The Magnificent Capacity of Two Fireflies”*
[Watch] “Telomeres and a 2AM (Love) Poem”
[Watch] “Circe in the Mirror”
in sPARKLE & BLINK 69 and 64

Cactus Heart

“Qi makes great use of descriptions in this poem. Every line radiates with heat.”


Brother” in The Quotable

“Radiation” in Tabula Rasa

“Dear Steve”
“Laboratory Observations”
“Visiting the Dreams of my Husband (a Su Shi translation)”
in The Vanderbilt Review

Tell Me Again

  • “Letters to My Mother”
  • “Playing Dead”
  • “The Last Visitation”

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