Southern Humanities Review: “The Shape of Salt”

TAB: “Still Life” and “how to meditate”

The Atlantic: “Postcards from the Living” [featured in Frontier Poetry]

Diode: “First Spring, 2011”

SWWIM: What Grows in the Desert” [featured in Frontier Poetry]

Midst: “When This Is All Over

Tin House: “Point At Which Parallel Waves Converge & From Which Diverge

The Racket: “This is an Instagram poem“*

San Francisco Chronicle: “The Wave

SFPL: “Contingencies

Rattle: “Dissonance” and “Machine Learning

ZYZZYVA: “Little Fires” and “The Next Great American Love Story”

Talking Writing: “Hello, Brother

MiGoZine: “About Face

Figure 1: “Commonalities

Bellevue Literary Review: “Distribution“* [Listen]

The Intima: “Writing Elegies Like Robert Hass“*

JuxtaProse: “Sun Setting on San Francisco” and “Habits

Atticus Review: “The Way Love Expires,”** “How men deal” [Watch], “Transplant” [Watch], “Normal,” “Magnificent Things

…an eclectic writer of great talent and broad subject matter who serves up poetry with a lyrical and narrative focus that, much like an obsidian knife, presents a dark edge about a thousand times sharper than a scalpel.

Michael Meyerhofer, Poetry Editor of Atticus Review

sPARKLE&BLINK (64, 69): “Telomeres and a 2AM (Love) Poem” [Watch], “Circe in the Mirror” [Watch], “I Am Yi-Fen Chou” [Watch], “The Magnificent Capacity of Two Fireflies” [Watch]

Fearsome Critters: “We will die beautifully in the way of stars,” “A Kind of Flattery,” “Sometimes I remember,” “Psalm,” “Seat 23A”

Spry: “Angles

The Quotable: “Brother

Cactus Heart:Cactus Heart

Tell Me Again (anthology): “Letters to My Mother,” “Playing Dead,” “The Last Visitation”

Tabula Rasa: “Radiation

The Vanderbilt Review: “Casino,” “Call and Response,” “Dear Steve,” “Decision Making,” “Laboratory Observations”

*nominated for Pushcart Prize
**nominated for Best of the Net